Installing (Linux) Fedora on very, very old machines

Installing (Linux) Fedora on very, very old machines

..Or in this case, Fedora 39 on a Macbook Air 2012, with an i7-3667U and 8 GB of ram. And! Just because Apple has discarded it, it doesn't mean this machine is obsolete.. well it kinda is, but it has a lot of life left in it with linux!

This is a note-to-self

, that might come in handy if you in a fit of rage should find your self reading this... fuming over .. things that go boink in the night.

$ sudo dnf groups install --allowerasing -y 'Fedora Workstation'
# or the equivalent for your particular distribution

The above command is your friend. Embrace it.

Now the desktop loads, yet again, after a lengthy install of media codecs that obviously killed my video driver, and probably some other things as well.

Here's a pro tip for ya'll! Enable the sshd server until you're done mucking about. Then, disable the sshd server - until you need it again!