Lately I've..

tried to come to terms with the m$ platforms way of coding. Not for fun, but for ...profit? Let me tell you, at the moment this is not fun.

ASP.NET in all its various constellations appears to me as a hot mess.

The official documentation is kinda OK as long as you are very careful syncing up the docs published dates with the tech you are working on. StackOverflow (and others) are sometimes useful, but most often they send me down a rabbit hole - full of deprecated frameworks and conflicting versions.

If you're interested, a short summary of the state of .NET can be found here. It's quite depressing, really.

Reminiscing on the bad old days

Using .NET takes me back to my four year stint with java in the early 2000's. I didn't enjoy that much either. In fact - working with java drove me into adopting python as my first language. No, let me rephrase that. Not java per see, but the extreme code bloat and all the scaffolding needed to get even the simplest of things done made me look elsewhere to get my job done.

c#, like java, is by it self an affable little language. The problems arise when you need to do something with it.

I detest code generation, indirection and scaffolding.


ASP.NET Core 6 revels in heavy use of interfaces, indirection, code generation and scaffolding. And a freaking massive framework for each and every stupid little thing you need done. I. Do. Not. Enjoy. This. One. Single. Little. Bit.

A rant of no particular value

Why am I writing this? It's a rant of no particular value... This is self healing and therapy. I need to get this off of my chest so that I can reset and start focusing on learning all the frameworks I need to learn in order to get my job done.

I'm learning on the latest stable version of the frameworks (I think, not sure even m$ knows which one is the latest version tbh.) in the hope that I can apply what I've learnt to ASP.NET MVC 4.8 which is the version of the system I'll be working with. (if you read the StackOverflow post you'll know that 4.8 is more than 1.2 away from 6).

Anyways. I will soldier on and try not hand in my resignation.