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I recently migrated to Poetry

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Rune Hansén Steinnes
·Jan 24, 2023·

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I still use pip-tools tho. I find them very convenient. But..

The main reason I'm late to the Poetry party is that I failed to read the docs. I prefer having a .venv in my local dir as opposed to a ~/.config/{virtualenv..cache..thingie} and somehow I had convinced myself that Poetry didn't support that.

$ poetry config true

So with that fixed, I promptly started complaining about Poetrys add <packagename> - time consuming and annoying!! .. but it takes a list of packages.. so if I take my and files and ..

$ poetry add $(cat reqs/
$ poetry add $(cat reqs/ --group dev

Yeah, that worked. But hey(!), my deploy scripts expect a requirements.txt? file. I can't be bothered with fixing that!

$ poetry export --without-hashes --format=requirements.txt > requirements.txt


As you well understand, by now I've run out of excuses for not using Poetry.

One down, one more to go. Now, onwards towards integrating Poetry with my build setup.

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